Audi TT RS 8S Stock 590HP

Audi TT RS 8S Stock Motor TTE777-590wHp/73Kg


  • 5 pfi FIC 1300cc
  • Iroz FPFP
  • FMIC
  • Full Exhaust System

Stage 3 on MED17.1.61 ecu bespoke software suitable for:

  • Big Turbo Setups
  • E85 ethanol fuel 🌽
  • Low torque limiter under 74kg for safety reasons
  • Rev up to 7600rpm
  • Boost up to 2.2bar open loop strategy

Stage4 on bosch mqb tcu bespoke software suitable for:

  • Up to 17bar oil clump pressure
  • 5000rpm launch control with boost (-15TDC retard)
  • Faster Shifts

Best 0-402 10.39
Best 100-200 5.26

Special thanks to @mamakisperformance

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