IC2 Boost Methanol Controller


IC2 Boost Methanol Controller


The box induces

  • Boost Methanol Controller with wiring loom
  • 4 bar Absolut Pressure Sensor with Cnc Enclosure
  • MAC Solenoid with connectors


  • Start Boost (Bar)
  • Boost Warning (Bar)
  • Boost Limit (Bar)
  • Overboost cut protection
  • 2 Boost Maps (Normal Mode)
  • Boost Per Rpm 7×7 map
  • Boost Per Speed 7×7 map
  • Boost Per Gear 7×7 map
  • Methanol Control per Start Boost (Bar)
  • Analog Inputs: Rpm, Speed, Gear (algorithm based calculated),Methanol Failsafe sensor, Egt, Air fuel ratio
  • Methanol Failsafe Warning
  • Egt Warning
  • Wideband controller input (You can change between 6 Wideband controller models)
  • Afr Limit Target Per Rpm
  • Shitlight
  • Peak Values


iC2 bmc intro video:



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