IC3 Boost Methanol Controller Full Can bus



The box induces

  • Boost Methanol Controller with wiring loom
  • 4 bar Abs Pressure Sensor
  • MAC Solenoid with connectors


  • Full Can Bus 20vt,tfsi,obd protocols : Rpm, Speed, Gear , Egt, Air fuel ratio
  • Boost Per Rpm
  • Boost Per Speed
  • Boost Per Gear
  • Methanol per start boost
  • Boost Limit Bar
  • Boost Warning Bar
  • Start Boost Bar
  • 3 Boost Maps
  • Overboost cut protection with %
  • Shitlight
  • Egt Warning
  • Wideband controller input
  • Methanol Failsafe sensor
  • Peak Values


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