Opel Corsa OPC 192Hp – Stage 1 & 2

Brand: Opel

Fuel Type: Gasoline


Stock engine specs:

Capacity: 1598cc
bore x stroke: 79 x 81.5 (mm)
Compression ratio: 8.8:1
Turbocharger: KK K03s

Full boost: 1.2bar@2000 rpm
Constant pressure:0.9bar
Pressure at revlimit:0.7bar
Revlimit: 6500 rpm

Power: 192hp
Torque: 230Nm

Stage 1:

Engine upgrades:

Stage 1 Software upgrade

Engine performance:

Full boost: 1.3bar@3500 rpm
Constant pressure:1.2bar
Pressure at revlimit:1bar
Revlimit: 7000 rpm

Power: 205hp
Torque: 320Nm

Stage 2:

Engine upgrades:

  • Free flow air induction system
  • Full 63.5mm exhaust with free flow catalytic converter
  • Bigger intercooler
  • Stage 2 Software upgrade

Engine performance:

Full boost: 1.5bar@3500 rpm
Constant pressure:1.3bar
Pressure at revlimit:1.15bar
Revlimit: 7000 rpm

Power: 225hp
Torque: 340Nm

Projects done with this car:

Opel Corsa OPC 1.6

Opel Corsa OPC 1.6 – gtx2867 g2 by @thp_motorsport

Corsa D Opc – K04/064

Corsa D Opc – K04/064 Stage 2 + Software Upgrade